Friday, August 2, 2013

Episode 5

   Well that was a interesting side trip......NOT!!!!  Anyway, I'm back with another podcast.  This one is a bit longer than the previous ones but this was a longer run!  I hope you like the changes.  You don't have any choice so again....I hope you like them!  :-)  I go into great detail explaining the changes so I won't bore you with them here but instead I'll wait to do so during the podcast!  :-)  If you're new to this podcast thank you for checking it out!  If you're not so new, thank you for sticking around!  Well, time to lace'm up and head out for another virtual run with yours truly!  Let's go!

Oh, don't mind the two errant beeps from my cell phone.  As I've mentioned I tape this on my cell phone and today I had two notification beeps while I was taping.  In the future I'll be sure to shut the notification beeps off before I run.  Thanks!

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