Friday, April 25, 2014

Episode 42: The Boston Bandit Bastard Four

  Howdy Folks!  I didn't expect to podcast again so soon but the action of those pictured above required a response.  I am both angry and incredibly disappointed at the four people pictured above.  In their selfish pursuit for something they did not earn the right to be in they, as alleged in the story that came out today, purchased counterfeit bibs in order to "bandit" the 2014 Boston Marathon.  I am assuming since they had phony bibs they also crossed the finish line and received a finisher's medal for, once again, a race they didn't earn the right to participate in.  Now a race that was trying to put behind the tragedy, that was the 2013 bombing, has a new scandal to have to deal with.  All because of a few greedy, selfish jerks!  

  Then there's the identity of the actual runner that these four essentially stole!  The actual runner found these photos in her email from the race photographer with her race photos.  (Race photos are all grouped by the bib number)  

   I initially taped a podcast to express my deep frustration and general disappointment over this event.  Boston, the running community and the lady whose race identity was stolen by these four all deserved better.  It was an angry rant complete with salty sailor verbiage!  As I listened back to it though something occurred to me.  As frustrated by this act as I am that's not the message I really want to send.  No, the message I want to send is solidarity and defiance.  Solidarity toward my fellow runners who seek earned achievements and defiance at the people who think they can spoil a great event by either an act of terrorism or one of selfish stupidity.  I refuse to let you beat me.  I refuse to allow you to ruin something I hold special.  What follows is solidarity with my fellow runners and defiance toward those who pretend to be so.

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