Thursday, July 14, 2016

Episode 191: My friend Norman was right

   Howdy folks!  Ever have that moment when you realize something one of your friends has said before was dead on accurate now that you have experienced it for yourself?  That's where this episode finds me.  For a while I teased my buddy Norman about complaining about the heat in summer in Florida when I always felt the cold and snow in the north was much worse weather.  All in fun, no malice intended but I did feel I'd rather a Florida summer day than a dead of winter northern day.  Yesterday it was only 78 degrees outside but due to the oppressive humidity if felt like 97 degrees.  I was dying!  Then I buddy Norman does this for a couple of months every year?  I stand corrected.  I've learned my lesson buddy!  Mea culpa..mea culpa..mea maxima culpa!!!  :-)

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