The genesis for this podcast came from desire to do two things.  First to communicate to the ever increasing running community.  Since this is a podcast with a running theme my intended audience is other runners.   If you are not one well then I consider you a bonus!!  Glad to have you as part of my audience!!!

   The second, and to be honest, the most important is to do a podcast that is not one dimensional.  I made this podcast out for runners but I've yet to meet someone who is only a runner.  That's one of the biggest knocks I have against many running podcasts.  They are one dimensional.  Now I know that some people are only looking for the one dimensional approach to podcasting.  If they are interesting in art podcasts, they only want to hear about art. If they are interested in running podcasts, they only want to hear about running.  Here's the thing, when you talk to your friends (who I'm sure share many things in common with you) do you always talk about the same topic?  Of course not!  Since this podcast is in essence a virtual run with me, I'm not going to talk about the same topic every show either!

     In the title I describe this podcast as "where a running podcast meets Jerry Seinfeld".  Just like the Seinfeld show was a show about four friends in NYC and then it was an open page from there this podcast will be about going for a run with me and then it too is an open page from there.  I'm not going to flatter myself that I'm the first one to think of this idea (because I'm probably not) but I find it an interesting concept for a podcast.  I hope you do too!