I'm always interested in what my audience thinks.  To that end I have provided a comment section at the end of each episode page and an email address at the bottom of this page.  My preference is that you use the comment section first but if you are more of an "email person" that's fine too!

   I do moderate my comments so if you're planning on saying nasty words, advertising for your business or some other nefarious purpose.....don't waste your time.  Such comments won't be seen by any visitor to this site.

   The same rule applies to email.  If you have a constructive criticism, show idea or positive encouragement you'd like to share I'm all ears!  If you have something less noble or not family friendly to share then do us both the favor and just don't.  I will not reply to anything of an objectionable nature.

   Ok, now with all that ground rule stuff out of the way....the floor is yours!